Mini Book Review: The Houdini Box by Brian Selznick


Rating: ★★★✩✩

Date Read: March 13, 2018


Victor is forever trying to escape from locked trunks, walk through walls, and perform any number of Houdini’s astonishing magic tricks…without success. Then — amazingly — he actually meets his idol, and begs Houdini to explain himself. A mysterious locked box is the magician’s only answer, and Victor is left to wonder: Does the box contain the secrets to the most famous magic tricks ever performed?

My Thoughts:

I have loved all of the Brian Selznick’s books that I have read before, especially The Invention of Hugo Cabret which is one of my all-time favorite books. So when my dad, who is an Elementary School Librarian, told me he was going to read all of Selznick’s books in preparation for Selznick’s new book, Baby Monkey, Private Eye,  and he had brought over a batch from the library I, of course, stole the one that I had not read yet. I expected myself to love this one as much as I had loved his other books. But there was something missing for me. Don’t get me wrong it was an excellent book and Selznick’s drawings (though I wish there were more) and prose was as I expected but still, something felt off. Maybe it is because I am no longer the child I once was or maybe my tastes are changing, I really don’t know. I do plan on giving the book another shot and I still love Selznick’s work. In fact, a had just watched the movie adaption of Wonderstruck and I did enjoy that quite a bit. I think this book is like An Abundance of Katherines for me. I don’t dig the book but I still love the author and that is okay. I don’t have to love every single thing my favorite authors produce.

Have you read The Houdini Box? What did you think? How have your tastes changed since you got older?

(Cover Image and Synopsis from GoodReads)


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