ARC Review: Ignited by A.M. Deese


Rating: ★★★★✩

Series: Dance of the Elements, Book #1

Date Released: March 27, 2018

Publisher: RadiantTeen





“Jura imagined it sounded like rain.”

Juggling death is nothing new for seventeen-year-old Jura, daughter of the First of the Thirteen, successive rulers of the Republic of the Sand Sea. However, when a blood chain ensnares her father, she is thrust into the seat of power and forced to rule her elders.

“To Tylak, water had never tasted sweeter.”

Jura must track down her father’s assassin and balance a country on the verge of collapse. To find the Prince of Shadows and uncover the truth, Jura puts her trust in Tylak, a former slave accused of stealing from the Everflame—a man she once condemned to death.

In a world where water is currency and enemies lurk around every corner, Jura will use her wits or risk igniting a world war.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me a copy to review.

My Thoughts:

Originally, I had most of this book review done but then WordPress decided to not save it so I am stressed and a little mad that I need to rewrite it.


But it does not change the fact that this book was really good. Not Children of Blood and Bone good (COB&B is now my new standard for amazing) but still good. I went into this book debating whether or not I was going to like it. But I was sucked in from the first chapter.

AND THE SYNOPSIS DOES NOT DO THIS BOOK JUSTICE!! And since I only talk about the plot in detail when the synopsis does not work, here we go.

First, Jura’s father is not dead, so I don’t know why they said Jura was looking for his assassin. She is, however, looking for the person(s) who put on her father’s blood chain, a bracelet that makes the wearer a puppet to someone else (it is explained better in the book), hence why she needs the Prince of Shadows. Also, this book has multiple POVs, which should definitely be mentioned. There is:

  • the Fire Dancer, Ash, who is basically a gladiator that slays dragons and can bend fire but not produce it
  • Kay, the daughter of a Dragon breeder (this girl is adorable and witty and to be protected)
  • Tylak, Jura sentences him to death but then the narrative changes and he become her ally
  • Beshar, a member of the Thirteen (the government) and a complete slimeball (that is my opinion but it is totally on grounds of his character)

Though Jura’s POV is the majority of the story, all of the POVs do interweave nicely together though Kay’s is a bit out there until the end of the book and then it all makes sense.

I loved that Jura was unsure of herself and that she was very naive. She was trying to keep her family’s place in society while her father is incapacitated. In this world having rank in the Thirteen is everything and since Jura’s family is the First, they are the most important. SO WHY IN ALL OF HADES IS JURA NOT FLUENT IN THE WAYS OF POLITICS?!?!?!!? This made me really mad. The rank seems to be passed down through heirs and since Jura is her father’s only heir then why wouldn’t she know how to be a part of politics. Yes, I love her character for being real and not being perfect but really this is the one thing that she is not taught!

And that is another thing, this system is really weird. The Thirteen is made up of Seven Ruling Kingdoms and six members of the merchant class. Deese doesn’t go into how one becomes a member and other small but important details as to how the government works, which I think is a bit important considering how politics is such a large part of this book. I am hoping that Deese will go into more detail about this in the next book.

And there is one hell of a plot twist. This was actually really fun because I was texting my friend while reading and I was saying “I got the plot twist!!” (I love figuring out the plot twists beforehand and it’s a bit of a joke between us) and then I was like “I did not see the even bigger plot twist behind it”. All in all, this was a fun read and I can’t wait for the next one!

Cover Image and Synopsis from GoodReads


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