Unboxing and Review: Icey Designs “Wings and Starlight” Unboxing and Review

So if you are on any bookish social media you have probably seen Hafsah’s amazing pin designs! I knew that if she ever did a box for Maas that I would just have to buy it for the pin as I am equally obsessed with pins & Maas books! This box did not disappoint!


First up, my favorite candle!


Stars Eternal smells amazing! It reminds me of something but I can’t remember what it is! It is a gorgeous purple color with silver glitter and it has a great galaxy look to it!

Now for the three 2 oz candles!


His Darkness screams Rhys. It has a gorgeous black wax and it smells like Old Spice.


The Inner Circle is a great combination of Rhys and Feyre’s candles. It has that Old Spice smell but it is lighter and has a touch of floral.


The Cursebreaker is my least favorite scent because it reminds me of the grape cough syrup that I used to take as a child but I love the lilac wax!


I am in love with this Amren print! I want to frame it and hang it on my wall!


This pendant is gorgeous but I can’t decide if I should make it a necklace or a keychain. Any thoughts?


I love the design of this calendar! I think that I will cut off the calendar part and display it with the rest of my prints!


I am definitely going to be using these pencils while I am studying for Orgo this summer to remind myself to always be amazing like these two.

I am a sucker for bookmarks. Bookmarks and pins are my weakness! And I love the quotes that are on this one!


And last but not least, the pin! I love it! I am trying to decide if I want to put it on my purse with the rest of my pins or if I should put it on a pin banner.


This was a gorgeous box and I am so happy I got it! Hafsah is at this point no longer doing boxes because she has a book coming out soon! I am super excited for We Hunt The Flame; it has been on my TBR since I first heard about and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

You can check out Hafsah’s gorgeous shop Icey Designs on Etsy or on her website for more pins, candles, pencils, and more!

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