Nerdy Post “Hamilton” Box Unboxing and Review


Yes, I just had to get this box because I am such Hamilton trash! But I regret nothing!


This double-sided bookmark is probably my favorite piece from this box! I love the script and the quote! It is from “Burn” which is probably my favorite song and I have wanted a bookmark with it for a while!


This is the other side! Who does love The Schuyler Sisters!


I have a pin addiction and this pin is definitely not helping! I love the book!


I think this glass is perfect! I was expecting more of a mug but it will be perfect for my long study sessions.


Like pins and bookmarks, I am obsessed with tea! This one sounds delicious with apple pieces, black tea, and hibiscus!


I am definitely not a candle person but I love the tea and ocean smell of this candle! Two of my favorite things!


Like the bookmark, I love the scrolly script of this sticker. It is going on my laptop to remind myself that all of this hard work is worth it.


This feature pen will be cool to write notes with! I have one from OwlCrate and I feel like I am at Hogwarts whenever I use it!



These are the three gorgeous prints that were included in the box. I decided to create a collage of all the prints that I have and these are definitely being included!


I really did enjoy this box and it was my first Nerdy Post box so I am excited to see what else they will create!

You can check out Nerdy Post here!


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