Top Ten Tuesday: Things That I Look For In A Book

Happy April, friends!

I feel like this is going to be a post that will go two ways: super insightful or completely boring. I hope that it is not boring because I am currently writing this in my stats class because I feel that sleeping is more awkward.  Also, I am not going to do this in a list format. I feel that it would be better to just write it all out in paragraph form, so tell me if you enjoy the format or not!

I feel like the first thing that I look for in my search for my next read is, of course, the first thing I see: the cover. It is a pretty stand thing to judge the book by. Genres generally have specific covers. General trade romances can be picked out of the crowd with the couple embracing in a romantic manner.

When I see this cover I know that it is not for me because that is not a genre that I enjoy. The same thing with murder mystery books. They are usually a dark color and might have a detective hunched over “cluing for looks” (sorrynotsorry) But Anna what covers do you like? Well, I am always down for magical creatures, people with weapons (swords, bows, daggers, etc), and anything weird. Magical creatures scream and people with swords screams Fantasy which is what I mostly read. The anything weird column is as it sounds.

These covers were different because they did not immediately say what they are. An Affair of Poisons could be anything from a story of an assassin to a historical fiction novel about a disastrous romance. The illustration of the girl with one eye peering up from the shelf immediately drew me to Cursed Pirate Girl and I was definitely not disappointed.   Upon A Burning Throne is unique because of the pink color (there need to be more pink books) and the large blue elephant and figure are striking against it.


Nine times out of ten I will pick up a book solely because the cover interests me. For example, I recently finished Descendent of the Crane and that cover was gorgeous which made me pick up the book.

The second element is the title. Like the cover, anything weird jets my attention. Right now I am reading The Bird King, which I was initially interested in because I wanted to know who the Bird King was and I am so happy that I did because it is this amazing story that I am not sure I would have picked up initially if the title was something else. One point that I want to bring up is that covers and titles are important marketing tactics as they are the first thing that we see and though the saying is “never judge a book by its cover” we all do.

Some other elements that are not exactly marketing are the author, whether or not someone recommended it to me, or if I saw it on twitter or bookstagram. Of course, if one of my favorite authors is coming out with a new book I will preorder that thing so fast it makes a cheetah look slow.

running fast gif .gif

I have to face that music that I will not be able to read all the books that are published in a year let alone all of the books ever, so I read reviews or at least look at the star ratings of bloggers and people in general that I know have similar tastes with. If they hated it then I know that I should kick it off my TBR but if they LOVED it then I will think about moving it up. It is not in any way a foolproof system but it helps me to navigate what I am going to read.

I don’t generally read the synopsis of a book because I don’t see why I should waste time reading that when I could just start the book! Though I am a sucker for a good tagline. Like Wicked Saints tagline is “Let Them Fear Her” and that screams Anna, read me!

The rise of the #OwnVoices movement has definitely provided me with an influx of new stories told from and about people that I don’t know much about. I am huge on new stories and learning about other cultures. I am also one for anything nerdy especially when the main character is a book lover!

As for the plot of a story, I am going with how my best friend describes me, a bloodthristy romantic. I again don’t really like the obnoxiously lovely-dovey books (think Hallmark movies and Nicholas Sparks) or murder mystery, though I will make exceptions if the book is on par with Agatha Christy. Yes, I know I sound like a contradiction but that is my life.

meh gif

I love books that keep me on my toes and hit me with a plot twist that I wasn’t expecting though should have totally seen coming.

For places and time periods, I am game for anything! I love history and have the worst case of Wanderlust (the only cure is reading). As aforementioned with Own Voices stories, I love learning about new cultures and forgotten bits of history.

So that is my rambling thoughts of what it takes for me to pick up a book. What inspires you to pick something up and read it?

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme by The Broke and The Bookish and is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.


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